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Welcome to Curvy Girl Plus

Our roots have been in the fashion industry since 1991 with a family-owned retail clothing brick and mortar store in the beautiful State of Arizona. Our store was unique in as much as we knew our customer, the 'Professional Woman', and catered to her exclusively. We provided her with tailored, stylish business-wear to carry her through her work-week along with trendy, casual pieces for her weekend-wear. Our store quickly grew and before long, we had to hire employees to help us keep up with the demand.

Our Store

The store was a great success and it was a wonderful time in our lives.  I got married during that time and my husband & I knew we'd eventually want to start our family.  My doctor told us I might have difficulty carrying and delivering a baby, due to injuries I had sustained in a car accident years earlier.  The decision to sell our store was a hard one, but I knew it was time to enter the next chapter and that was to become a mom.  I am happy to report I sailed through my pregnancies and have two beautiful boys to show for it now! 

Fashion, and being in business has always been a passion and as hard as it was to sell our brick & mortar store, I always knew I would return to it in some form. Thus, in 2019, Curvy Girl Plus was born!  

Our store is unique. We shop the world looking for unique clothing designed for the Curvy Plus Size Girl. Like our brick and mortar store, CurvyGirlPlus.com caters to the professional woman. We carry her workday and weekend wear, plus provide a beautiful selection of handbags, jewelry, and shoes.

We hope you enjoy our store and
become part of the
Curvy Girl Plus family!
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