How To Survive Quarantine In 3 Easy Steps!

We are experiencing a unique situation in the world today. The coronavirus pandemic has left us trapped inside our homes, social distancing in order to stop the spread of the virus. Hopefully, this will be a once in a lifetime event!

As we wait for medical advances and the okay to leave our homes, it can be easy to feel a little stir-crazy. If you live alone, you may find yourself craving company. If you are at home with your family, you may just need some peace and quiet. Whatever your situation, it is possible to find joy during this time. From self-care to fun family activities, there are many ways to stay busy and stay happy during COVID-19.

  1. Enjoy An Unplanned Staycation

    Family Staycation
    Travel may be restricted right now, but you can enjoy a getaway in your own home. This is an activity anyone can do, whether you are home alone or quarantining with others. If you are fortunate enough to still be working, try taking a personal day or two. If that is not possible, pick a weekend and plan your at-home vacation. Here are some ideas to make it even more special and joyful:

    • Choose A Theme: From island vacation to nature getaway, there are so many options for your staycation.
    • Decorate Your Home: Draw palm trees, light a candle, string some fairy lights – whatever it takes to make your home feel like a vacation destination.
    • Pack Your Bags: This can be a fun activity for families with children. Help them choose an outfit for each day of your upcoming “vacation.”
    • Select Your Menu: Whether you decide to cook and home or order out, you can make your food match your vacation theme. Choose dishes you’ve never tried before or your all-time favorites!


  2. Hang Out With Family

    Family Quarantine Hangout
    Lately, our definition of “hanging out” has changed, but it is still possible to spend valuable time with your loved ones during quarantine. Your options will depend on your specific situation, but there are plenty of activities to do together, whether you are in the same room or not.


    Activities For Families That Are Quarantining Together:

    • Family Game Night: You don’t even have to purchase new board games. There are several ideas online for games to play that cost absolutely nothing!
    • Karaoke or Dance Party: Crank up the music and sing your heart out! You can even turn your living room into a dance party with fun decorations.
    • Teach Each Other Something New: Have each family member come up with something that they are really good at. Then, they can teach it to the rest of the family one evening.
    • Clean The House: This one may not sound fun, but you can easily turn it into a game. Who has the cleanest room? Who has the biggest donation pile? Who did the most chores this week? Choose your categories and award prizes each week.


    Activities For families That Are Separated During COVID-19:

    • Schedule Regular Video Calls: Make it a point to check in on each other on a regular basis. Set up weekly video calls and enjoy catching up.
    • Play Games, Virtually: From Pictionary to Scattergories, there are several online games available to play over a video call.
    • Keep The Group Chat Going: Send your favorite memes, share videos from your day, and text a quick update through a family group chat during COVID-19.
    • Make Plans For Later: We don’t know when COVID-19 will make an exit, but you can start planning your family get-together for when you’re finally back in the same room!


  3. Self-Care For The Ladies - Keeping It All Together

    Family Quarantine Spa Day
    For the women trying to hold down the fort at home, it is important to take time for self-care. Self-care looks different for everyone, so decide what brings you joy and set aside time for yourself. If you are quarantining with your family, let them know when you need some “me time.” Chances are, they are grateful for all you do and will be more than happy to let you recharge your batteries. If you are looking for self-care ideas at home, try some of the following:


    • At-Home Spa Day: Get your face masks and nail polish ready! Set aside a day to pamper yourself.
    • Order From Your Favorite Restaurant: Local businesses can use all the help they can get these days. Treat yourself to takeout from your favorite restaurant and leave a tip for the hard-working staff.
    • Host A Fashion Show: You don’t have to get dressed up for work or events these days, but you can still rock your favorite outfits. Put together your best looks and strut that runway, or hallway in this case.
    • Spend Time Outside: Quarantine does not mean total lockdown. You can explore your neighborhood, take a hike, or soak up the sun as long as you practice social distancing.
    • Treat Yourself: Is there a necklace or outfit you’ve had your eye on? Maybe you could use a new candle or pillow to make your house feel more comfy during quarantine. Find an item or two that you can order online to treat yourself. Waiting for your order in the mail will also give you something to look forward to.


Remember That It Won’t Last Forever

The world may be going through a hard time now, but it is important to remember that it won’t last forever. Medical professionals, healthcare workers, and countless essential employees are working hard to slow the spread of the virus. Finding a little bit of joy every day can help make the days brighter during the dark times. Look forward to the future and hold on to hope that everything will be alright.

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