How to Dress for Your Body Shape

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Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and each one is unique. While there are many variations when it comes to body shapes, there are five common types. Knowing your body shape can help you find the best outfits and accessories to flatter your shape.

There is no “average” or “perfect” body shape. Every single shape has its own unique set of benefits. Whether you have a curvier shape, narrow hips, or broad shoulders, you can find something to love about your body and accentuate your favorite features.

Curvy Girl Plus knows that size and shape do not define your beauty. The one-of-a-kind online boutique caters to every body type, helping you look and feel your best. Keep reading to learn about common body shapes and how to make your best features stand out with incredible items from Curvy Girl Plus.

Banana Bodyshape

The banana body shape is also known as the rectangle or straight body type. Women with a banana body shape have similar measurements for their waist, hip, and bust. Also, your shoulder width and hip width are the same. For the most part, your torso is the shape of a rectangle or a banana.

If you have a banana body shape, show off your shoulders! Reach for off-the-should tops and dresses, tube tops, and cold shoulder blouses. The Off Shoulder Ruffle Top from Curvy Girl Plus is perfect for a banana shape, highlighting your shoulders and arms with delicate lace features. 

The banana body shape is usually associated with a more athletic build, but this body shape can easily look more feminine. Try breaking up your longer torso with a belted waist like the one featured on the Solid V-neck Maxi You can also add a little sparkle to your waist by belting a neutral dress with a sequins or glitter belt.


Pear Bodyshape

If your body resembles more of a triangle than a rectangle, you may have a pear body shape. This shape is slimmer at the shoulders and bust and wider at the hips. You may be surprised to learn that the pear shape is the most common proportion for women. While some women may feel self-conscious about wider hips or a larger bottom, this body shape allows you to show off your waist and slim arms.

Highlight your voluptuous curves and feminine hips by elongating your figure and accenting your waist. Balance out your proportions by playing with fun patterns and bold statement pieces on the top of your body. The Geometric Print Round Neck Top offers a playful pattern that makes a statement, perfect for those with a pear shape.


Go for a more tailored look on the bottom to really show off your curves in a flattering way. Pair the Black Denim jeans from Curvy Girl Plus with your favorite flowy top for the perfect look.


Apple Bodyshape

If your shoulder width and hip measurements are about the same, you may have an apple body shape. Women with apple shaped bodies often lament that their waist is not as defined as some of the other proportions, but this is no reason to be upset. Instead of focusing on your waistline, show off your arms and legs, which are likely shapelier. The Sleeveless A-Line Evening Dress is the perfect combination of arms and legs for apple body shapes, with a sleeveless top and a hemline that hits right at the knees.  

Apple shaped women are also blessed with a fuller bust. Whether you prefer more modest outfits or something a little bolder, you can draw attention away from your middle by highlighting your bust and neckline. The ribbon detailing on the Tie Dye Plus Size Top shows off your neckline and cleavage without being overly revealing.


Don’t be afraid to flaunt your best features by wearing shirts that expand at the waist and flow from the bust. Also, remember to highlight your legs every now and then with tailored shorts or heels that make your body look longer. The Red Velvet High Heels from Curvy Girl Plus offer a classic look that elongates your body with a pop of color to tie your outfit together. 



Hourglass Bodyshape

While this shape does not have a corresponding fruit, the hourglass body type is probably one of the most well-known proportions out there. While we would all love a perfect hourglass figure, there are only a lucky few who get to rock this shape. For women with an hourglass shape, your waist is more defined, and your hips and bust are similar in size. The Black Jumpsuit is a great option for highlighting your waist thanks to the slim waist and loose fitting top.

The hourglass shape is also known for rounded shoulders and bottoms, which are perfect for very tailored looks. Don’t shy away from form fitting clothes like bodycon dresses and tighter fitting pants and tops. These clothing items will hug every inch of your curves, highlighting that hourglass shape.

The bodycon Ribbed Cami Mini Dress hugs your curves, drawing attention to your narrower waistline.

Asparagus Bodyshape

This shape is more commonly known as the top hourglass, but it can resemble asparagus in some ways. Women with an asparagus or top hourglass shape typically have a body that is like an hourglass but with a slightly larger bust.

For women with an asparagus shape, wrap tops and dresses are your friends. You can cinch in your defined waist while accentuating your full bust. The Summer Yellow Maxi Dress is the perfect wrap dress for a casual outing or an elegant night out.

Don’t forget to show off your incredible legs with skirts that are cut at or slightly below the knee, like the Black White Plaid Pencil Skirt. If you want to balance out your proportions, consider wearing pants with slightly flared legs or fuller skirts to give the illusion of a true hourglass shape.

The flared legs of the


Gaucho Pants offer the right balance for women with an asparagus body shape.


No matter your size, shape, or style, it is important for every woman to feel happy and confident in her own skin. We all have aspects of our bodies that are not perfect, but there is plenty for us to be happy about. Understanding your body shape can help you select clothing that shows off your best features and flatters your body, so you feel comfortable and stunning in everything you wear.





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